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Full Set - Six the Musical Pins

Full set of Six the Musical inspired glittery soft enamel pins. Roughly 2.8cm by 2.8cm each (1.1in by 1.1in). These are original designs, there is nothing like them!  Perfect for every Six the Musical fan!


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Six the Musical

‘Six’ is a British pop musical with music, lyrics and a book by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. Ever since it’s premier at the Edinburgh Fringe this show’s popularity has skyrocketed, gaining praise for being hilarious, fun, dynamic and empowering, leading to productions all over the globe!

This one-act musical is a modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII, a British Monarch famous for these six wives and the events around each marriage. Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves (also commonly referred to as Anne of Cleves), Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr have come together to create a pop concert to share their stories, each of them trying to prove that they had it worse than the others in an effort to be crowned the lead singer of the group.  Throughout their performance, the queens realise that their true aim is to show that they are more than Henry’s wives, the way they died or one word in a rhyme. The show is only 1 hour and 30 minutes but, in this time, these Tudor queens take the 500 hundred years of historical heartbreak they’ve endured and take control of their own stories.

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Full Set of Six the Musical Pins

Each of these six pins individually captures the character of their respective queens. Inspired by their costumes, every queen’s pin is in their appointed colours and filled with glitter to make them pop!

And I Was Like Okay

This pin is inspired by Catherine of Aragon. In the intro to her song, ‘No Way’, Catherine explains her life up until the point when Henry VIII decided to divorce her. As she goes through these events she reuses the phrase “and I’m like… okay” to show the moments of significance in her life and the fact that she won’t put up with Henry’s nonsense anymore.

Yeah... I Read

Anne Boleyn is the second wife of King Henry VIII. Throughout the show, Anne is a fun, bubbly, playful character, so it comes as a surprise when near the end she comes out with an overly intellectual statement. As all the other queens are stunned, she replies to the silence with the phrase “yeah… I read”.

Really Old School

Jane Seymour was the third wife of King Henry VIII. Her story is a bit different to the other queens as it seems that her and Henry got on quite well. She bore a son to Henry which was his ultimate priority.  At the beginning of the musical, the six queens are introducing the show when Anne of Cleves, Henry’s fourth wife, gets the crowd excited by saying “you came here tonight to party with us old-school” to which Jane replies with “really, really old school” making a comical reference to the fact that these events took place between 1509 to 1547.

It's Just... Tragic

This is one of the iconic quotes from Anne (or Anna) of Cleves, the fourth wife of Henry VIII. Anne’s life wasn’t as difficult as the other queens, so when it is her turn to explain why her life was ruined by Henry, she has little to complain about. Henry married Anne based on a painted portrait of her, however when she arrived in England after traveling from her home in Germany, the king didn’t believe she was as beautiful as portrayed by the painting. It wasn’t a bad life for Anne though, because after she and Henry had their marriage annulled, he gave her all sorts of riches in the divorce settlement including her very own palace in Richmond where she lived out the rest of her life. While explaining this, Cleves sarcastically puts on an emotional voice until she sheds that persona to say the words “its just… tragic” seconds before beginning her signature song, ‘Get Down’.

All I Do Is Sing

“All I do is sing” is a phrase sung by Henry’s fifth wife, Katherine Howard. In the last song of the show, the queens decide to rewrite their stories, undoing all the hurt that Henry caused them. In her version of events, Katherine sings about how instead of having her life revolve around boys, she would take proper music lessons and learn to sing, which she will do for the rest of her life.

Darling Get A Clue

Catherine Parr was Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife. They were only married 5 years before Henry finally died. Catherine was already engaged to the man of her dreams and on track to having the life she wanted, when all that was interrupted by Henry’s request to marry her. In her statement song she sings about how she would have responded to Henry if he wasn’t the king and if her rejection wouldn’t have cost Catherine her life. This moment is empowering for her and with her signature sass she expresses her true disgust with a surprised laugh and the phrase “darling, get a clue”.