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Alexandra Vickers Owner Musical Theatre Pins

Alexandra Vickers

Founder & Owner

Hi, I'm Alexandra, the young entrepreneur that founded and created Musical Theatre Pins.

I'm guessing since you've been looking around this shop you're probably like me, and absolutely LOVE everything musical theatre!!  If so, you might have previously looked for some musical theatre related pins to decorate your bags and show the world your love for theatre… but… you’ve found that there are very limited options out there. I know that’s what happened to me. So, I’ve decided to create a brand specifically for musical theatre inspired enamel pins.

All the designs are created by me and are 100% original, so you won’t find anything like them anywhere else!! I hope you find what you’re looking for as our collection grows and brings a little theatre magic with you wherever you go.

If you have a request, or just want to be the first to know about new or upcoming designs, just drop me a line.